Over 90% of plastic packaging is currently not recycled. There is a strong drive for change as consumers and governments demand action to tackle plastic waste.

Plastic is often the best option to safely package the food to feed the growing world population. Until now, there have been no financially viable solutions that can provide the recycled feedstock on the mass scale this requires.   

Many transitional economies have limited plastic recycling and the infrastructure in developed countries no longer meets the ambitions of society. 

To combat surging plastic pollution, consumer goods companies are committing to: ​ 

reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging

reduce how much packaging waste goes to landfill and incineration

increase the use of recycled plastic in packaging  

These commitments are pushing up global demand for trustworthy raw materials. The prospect of fraud and cheating is very real.  

We need better recycling technology and certification to guarantee the provenance of recycled plastic from waste sources and improve transparency throughout the supply chain.

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