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Tackling the plastic waste crisis in the USA with chemical recycling

Greenback Recycling Technologies founder and CEO, Philippe von Stauffenberg, will discuss the potential of chemical recycling in addressing the plastic waste crisis at the second annual Chemical Recycling USA conference in Houston, Texas, March 29-30.

In a discussion titled ‘Exploring the potential of advanced recycling’, Philippe will join a panel of experts looking at how chemical recycling can support Consumer Packaged Goods companies (‘CPGs’) in North America overcome a range of industry challenges. The panel will consider how chemical recycling can improve access to recycled plastic materials and overcome the specific issues relating to the recycling of post-consumer flexible packaging.

Philippe will share insight to the latest developments at Greenback and discuss the company’s unique approach to creating a closed loop recycling process that produces verified, traceable recycled content for CPGs, while also supporting developing nations and communities.

Philippe said: “In response to the global plastic waste crisis, and in recognition that there is an urgent need to reform today’s recycling systems, Greenback is working with a number of world-leading brands, including Nestlé in Mexico, to address these challenges head on.

“At Greenback, we are focused on creating verified circular solutions for managing plastic waste. As such, our objective is to establish small-scale, innovative, chemical recycling plants close to waste sources, for example, landfill sites. This helps local economies extract value from the waste and divert a significant quantity of materials from the waste stream. The combination of local collection, sorting and recycling will help to reduce plastic pollution, water usage, resource depletion and CO2 emissions.

“As CPGs face growing pressure to increase the amount of recycled content they use in their plastic packaging, thanks to new legislation being introduced by governments around the world, it becomes ever more important to have a responsible, fully traceable recycling supply chain,” Philippe added. “At the conference, I will talk about the strides that Greenback has made in this area and how a verified process adds value to recycled material and increases supply chain safety and security.”

The panel discussion features as part of session 5, ‘The future of chemical recycling: A silver bullet?’ on day 2 of the virtual conference, on March 30. To book your place visit:

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