Investors can help solve the world's plastic crisis, says Greenback CEO

Founder and CEO of Greenback Recycling Technologies (Greenback), Phillippe von Stauffenberg, is a keynote speaker at this year’s Global Research & Innovation in Plastics Sustainability (GRIPS) conference taking place on 15 - 17 March as a virtual event.

Phillippe, a staunch advocate of the upcycling possibilities of hard to recycle plastics, will participate in a panel discussion entitled ‘Scaling up, insights into investment in sustainable plastic innovations’ on 15 March.

The overriding theme of the event is how ‘Green’ or ‘Eco’ investment can allow companies to support or provide environmentally friendly products and practices, by encouraging new technologies to drive the transition from carbon dependence to more sustainable alternatives.

“This is such an important conversation as the world faces increasing legislation around climate change and the fallout of the plastic pollution crisis,” says Phillippe. “By investing in the plastics recycling sector, you can ensure that waste plastic becomes a valuable commodity that could positively influence society.”

With a wealth of experience within the plastic packaging recycling sector, Greenback is at the forefront of an innovative solution to the waste crisis - building a decentralised network of innovative recycling facilities next to sources of waste worldwide.

“By investing in plastic waste recycling projects, you can play your part in ensuring a circular economy, that will complement installed infrastructure and help solve the world’s plastic packaging waste and pollution crises,” Philippe explained.

“Hard-to-recycle flexible plastic packaging is put through a small-scale pyrolysis plant – situated locally to a landfill site. These facilities can convert plastic waste into Pyrolysis oil, which can then be used as feedstock for food-grade packaging. Our Circularity Platform also certifies the recyclate, which is crucial for consumer-packaged goods companies as it provides the provenance that the recyclate is from post-consumer waste,” he pointed out.

As investors and corporates continue to focus on making key investments, many are seeking scalable projects aligned to the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance.

“Investments are key in moving forward with plastic recycling solutions and circularity across all stages of the plastic packaging value chain,” states Philippe.

The ‘Scaling up, insights into investment in sustainable plastic innovations’ panel discussion takes place on 15 March between 16:00 and 17:30. To register click here.