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Greenback is part of the solution at Countdown Summit 2021

Greenback founder and CEO Philippe von Stauffenberg is participating at the first in-person Countdown Summit TED climate conference, being held in Edinburgh, Scotland, between October 12-15.

Over the course of four days, the event will play host to a series of inspiring talks and aims to forge meaningful collaboration, connections and commitments to implement action strategies to limit the impact of environmental pollution.

“I am looking forward to being part of this dynamic event,” says Philippe, “where I will be participating in the workshop, entitled ‘Minimising the impact of plastic: Reduce, reuse, replace, recycle’ which is the perfect platform to discuss Greenback’s advanced plastic recycling.

“Here I will talk about how we can use new chemical recycling techniques to reclaim more plastics than ever before; and how we tackle recycling fraud by proving that the verification process of all plastic generated from our recycling process is genuine.”

Plastic pollution is a massive problem globally, but there is a revolution underway on how plastic products are recycled. Greenback Recycling Technologies is one of the companies striving to overcome hurdles at a grassroots level, while making a meaningful contribution to the lives of communities.

“I look forward to engaging with delegates at the Countdown Summit 2021, discussing a topic which is not only close to my heart, but is necessary so that future generations can enjoy a cleaner world,” Philippe concludes.

If you are attending the Countdown Summit, join Philippe on Wednesday, October 13, between 14.30 and 16.00 at the Edinburgh Suite 1, Sheraton Grand Hotel, Level 2.

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