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Greenback Appoints New Chief Digital Officer

LONDON, UK — Greenback Recycling Technologies (‘Greenback’), an advanced recycling technology company focused on creating certified circular solutions for plastic waste, has underpinned its ambitious long term growth strategy with the appointment of Anthony Meadows to Chief Digital Officer.

Greenback, which aims to reconnect fractured and ineffective plastic waste streams with a scalable and advanced collection and recycling solution, has welcomed Anthony to the rapidly expanding team. Alongside driving further growth for the business, the role will see Anthony support Greenback customers in the transition from analogue to digital processing, in line with the company’s global development strategy.

Founder and CEO of Greenback, Philippe von Stauffenberg, commented: “Keeping our foot firmly on the commercial accelerator, our team is delighted to welcome Anthony as its new Chief Digital Officer. He brings over 25 years of experience in turning business vision into process reality and an impressive track record in driving core commercial edge through emergent technologies. His unique skill set is a dream match for Greenback as we take our unique solution to packaging sustainability to the world’s stage.

“At present, over 90% of plastic packaging produced globally is not recycled – which we can all agree is an enormous ecological challenge. The challenge is that transition from a linear to circular economy. ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ messaging is a great start, but we need the technology and certification to back it up in the global supply chain. That’s where Greenback comes in, and we’re proud to appoint Anthony to this important commercial position.”

In a bid to rewrite the rules of sustainable packaging life cycles, Greenback is constructing an innovative decentralised network of collection and recycling plants in proximity to consumer plastic waste sources. The business seeks to create a fairer and more equitable plastic waste stream, partnering with global brands to close the packaging loop. Greenback is currently involved in four new fully accredited plastics recycling projects in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Anthony commented on his appointment: “I’m excited to join Greenback on its journey, particularly at such an exciting period of growth. Packaging sustainability is back at the top of the global agenda, but as we know, the existing recovery system is inefficient. Greenback believes in a better way of creating value for brands and protecting the environment. I know that advanced technologies play a key role in achieving this.

“I’m excited to make my mark on Greenback and its unique value proposition. Using infrastructure already in place, Greenback applies advanced technology to provide feedstock for the production of food-grade plastic packaging – at scale. There’s no business doing what Greenback is, and it’s this spirit of innovation that will help the business shake up the established plastic packaging norms.”

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