We are working with consumer goods companies to improve the ecosystem and to help provide:

Collection and recycling infrastructure in transitional and developed economies 

We do this by building holistic projects to combine what we call the inner and outer loops.  These projects help to realise the circular economy. 




The outer loop refers to the physical flow of materials. It turns waste plastic into certified raw materials of food-grade quality, at predictable prices, and in dependable quantities. We bring together the best technologies available in the world today to build local infrastructure that takes account of market dynamics and characteristics of the waste stream.

Collection and recycling plants are distributed close to waste sources. This helps local economies extract value from the waste. The combination of local collection, sorting and recycling helps to reduce plastic pollution, water usage, resource depletion and CO2 emissions.   

Best in class technologies


ecoVeritas certification



Physical processes alone are not sufficient to create the circular economy the world needs.  The inner loop is the outer loop's “digital twin”, providing much-needed transparency and evidence of material flows.  

ecoVeritas certification is the technology platform built by Greenback that rewards the production of sustainably recycled plastic. It uses blockchain-based evidence to trace and certify the provenance and composition of material throughout the recycling supply chain. This evidence includes camera images, weigh scale data, smart contracts, and advanced analysis of waste types, including AI recognition. This platform can work with any type of recycling technology.


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