We contribute to a sustainable future by solving the environmental impacts of packaging, turning plastic waste into profit. We recycle post-consumer packaging with advanced, environmentally-sound technologies to provide key elements for fair circular supply chains. 


Greenback is creating a solution for post-consumer waste plastic which supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We are implementing an efficient, scalable and distributed process that offers consumers a better product while providing full transparency and traceability. We support local economies to help them extract untapped value from waste. In developing countries, we create fairly-rewarded, safe jobs and new income streams for thousands of waste pickers. 


We are building a decentralised network of recycling plants near the sources of plastic waste, which we buy from local collectors. We use the infrastructure already in place and combine it with our advanced technologies to provide feedstock for the production of food-grade packaging at scale. To evidence the recycled content in the packaging, we use our ecoVeritas certification system, based on blockchain and AI technologies, giving brand owners and consumers confidence from shelf to shelf. 


Company number: 11568157