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The Enval team has developed a unique microwave-induced pyrolysis solution for low-density plastic packaging waste, including plastic aluminium laminates. This creates value in previously unrecyclable plastic, unlocking a profitable circular economy. 

Enval plants are efficient from a scale of 2,000 tonnes per year which enables a decentralised network of recycling plants to be located near the sources of plastic waste. 

Greenback holds a significant minority stake in Enval. 

Plasticos Reich
Plasticos reich logo.png

PlásticosReich is a Mexican plastic recycling company. They buy, sell and recycle waste from a range of sources. They have been operating for over 25 years with a mission to reduce the environmental impacts of plastic, whilst maximizing their economic benefits.  

Their valuable experience in plastic recycling gives Greenback an effective entry point into the Mexican market and will enable the rollout of multiple collection and recycling sites.  


PlásticosReich is a subsidiary of Greenback.  

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